Safe Sleep – What you need to know

Take the time to understand the safe sleep guidelines and educate your clients, partner, friends and family. Most people think this would never happen to them, but the sad reality is that a baby dies every three days in Michigan and these deaths are 100% preventable*.

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Learn Why Babies Won’t Choke When Sleeping on Their Backs

Why don’t babies choke when they are on their back?

Babies are actually safer on their back. When a baby is on his back, the air tube (trachea) is on top of the esophagus (the tube that carries food). If a baby spits up while on his back, the food and fluid run back into the stomach and not to the lungs. When a baby is on his stomach, the esophagus (or food tube) is on top of the trachea and any food or fluid that is regurgitated or refluxed can more easily pool at the opening of the trachea, making it possible for the baby to aspirate or choke.

Infant Choking Diagram

Infant Choking Diagram